Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I see quilts everywhere!

We took my Mom to the Tacoma glass museum. That first picture is tiny pieces of glass - amazing! All of these photos are of glass. Just stunning, really. And some quilt inspiration.

Jack had a recorder recital. It was very cute. They all sound so much better on their recorders at the end of 5th grade than they did those early days of 4th grade. Just when the recorders were officially retired (yesterday), Jack takes out his home recorder at 8 am this morning to play a tune. Me: "What are you doing?" Jack: "I feel like playing a song." My Mom: rolls her eyes at me and gives Jack a big smile and says, "that sounds great!"

Jack isn't the only one feeling the love from Grandma. Duke is her new couch buddy! She fluffs the blanket just so, then calls him to come sit by her - which at first he didn't used to do, but now, he is happy to oblige. He has more treat bag varieties on the kitchen counter than he had all last year! He even had a little pasta in his dog food last night. I was sure he would leave it but nope, he licked the bowl clean!

We have many projects underway. I have lots to blog about!


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  1. The glass looks amazing - I am still at the allergic stage with my son's recorder playing, and as soon as he stops at school, the girls will be at it!!