Monday, May 20, 2013

Skateboard Quilt for Jack

Skateboarding is a big part of life around here. Our family has a skateboard shop here in town. Our sons have grown up skateboarding. Mitch has gone from that to long boarding, less tricks more hills. He also has a "dancer" which means you step around on it while you glide. He took several long boards to college as they were his mode of transportation around campus.

Jack is into park skating. He loves to do tricks in big bowls and fly into the flats. For Jack, it's his #1 passion. Last year he drew a sketch of a skateboard quilt he hoped I would make. I made a block - which became a pillow - and was side tracked from there. I'm a great starter but a horrible finisher! When my Mom came to visit she encouraged me to work on it some more. She and I cut out the fabric pieces to assemble 10 more blocks. I now have them all stitched together! I'm putting them in a log cabin framing next. I can see the finish line ahead!

Duke is quite the couch hog, so we manage to share the couch with him. His face keeps getting more and more gray specks of fur on it. I am begging him to slow down the aging process. He will be 8 in June. He still has plenty of spunk in him - loves his walks, barks for treats by his treat bowl, nudges my leg when I am cooking bacon and eggs, sticks his head through the sunroof when we are driving. I love him!

Hand stitching those circles is slowly coming along. How about that color pallet? It's new for me.

Happy Monday!



  1. That is going to be a really fantastic quilt!! x

  2. What a lucky kid/family to have a garage like that. I love the quilt blocks!They are stunning!! It is going to be an amazing quilt!

  3. i LOVE the circles color palette, and i'm beyond excited by jack's skateboards framed in log cabins, great idea!! Is that YOUR garage?! I'm mind blown!