Monday, August 19, 2013

Jack's First Skate Contest!

Jack entered his first skateboard contest and took 3rd place!

It was a big day.  We were so proud of our boy!  He had lots of fun and really went for it.  Since we were in Seattle, we hit 3 other skateparks that day and I snapped a few more pics.

At one park we ran into Jack's favorite pro-skater, Nolan Johnson!  I tried not to be THAT MOM and start talking to him, but I did sneak this photo:
Since we saw him when we pulled up to the park, I even left my hand sewing in the car!

Finally washed Jack's skateboard quilt and now it's all puckery and soft.  The skateboards are appliqued on so there was some trimming of threads to be done.  You can read more about his quilt here.  I'm making another right now for a customer order.  Fun, fun!

Yesterday I let Lisa know she won the second Fabric Polaroids give away! Want to be in our swap?  Details are here.  There's 8 days left to make your blocks and mail them.  You can see over 75 photos of our swap on IG under the hashtag #fabricpolaroids.  Every time a package arrives, I post a pic there!

Duke and I are still out and about!  He's been enjoying skateparks this summer.

Safe to say this boy loves the skateparks the most!



  1. I love that photo of him doing a "Thumbs UP!" Great shot!

  2. Congratulation to Jack! That's great for a first competition. High standards to upkeep! I love your photo of him snuggled under his quilt asleep. Your big boy is still really a little boy.

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