Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Duke

I am happy to report that Duke has a new little friend to keep him company during his recovery. The pattern is from and altered a bit to look like Duke.

(See my last post for the details on what happened to Duke).  

I was in a bit of a rush to finish it yesterday before friends came over for a craft night.  Duke is happy to snuggle with "little Duke"!  HAHA

I made some easy-peasy bunting for the staircase.  Just starch the fabric really well and feed the triangles through the sewing machine (join with regular thread).  
I'm Christmasing the house!  This weekend is the official lighting of our downtown Christmas tree.  Santa Claus arrives on a fire truck.  It's such a fun family event.  Next Saturday is our Christmas boat parade.  We could watch it from our bedroom window where it's toasty warm, but we choose to bundle up and walk over to the city dock with others singing Christmas carols.  So fun!  This year I'm hosting a Christmas Cookie exchange first, amongst friends here at the house.  We will have chili around fire pits in the front yard and serve "grown up drinks" to stay extra warm.  :)

Mitch was home from college for Thanksgiving and he was so happy to be with Duke. 
 (and the rest of us, probably!)

We are all so relieved that Duke is doing so much better.  
He is his bossy self, barking for treats and hip rubs!!

xoxo, Kris
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  1. visiting you from crazy mum quilts. That is hilarious. The doll does look like the dog, what a match!!

  2. Now I need to make my dogs look alike dolls. Adorable idea, and Duke seems to really appreciate it.

  3. Awww, too cute.

    I love the dolls and daydreams patterns.

  4. I hadn't read your blog for awhile. How upsetting! Are they going to try and find a cause? I can understand your pain. I would be so upset if it was my animal.