Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with blogger for iPad

Since I am rarely on my laptop I thought I would try blogging from my iPad. My last two posts were blogged from my iPhone. The pictures come up at the end with no way to comment under them. This seems like a better way to blog (blogger plus for iPad).

Can you believe we drive like this? Duke has his back legs in the back seat,

He is a funny dog!

Finally, finished a quilt top this week. Here is Duke showing it to you! I have a vintage sheet for the back, the batting is ready, its time to make a quilt sandwich.

I'm linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for what is her last link party, for now. I'm sad to hear that as I've really enjoyed them!

verdict on blogger plus.....will use it in a pinch but still prefer the laptop for copy/paste!



  1. Love your quilt! I'm really cautious blogging with my iPad because I managed to delete an entire post with a little slip of my finger! You are probably more dexterous than I am!

  2. this is gorgeous. i love that you chose that amazing blue to show it off

  3. I love Duke!
    Oh yes, andyour quilt top!

  4. I'm still catching up on my blog reading... and this had me rolling... this is spot on how Sammy rides in the car (if I let her)... she needs to be as close to me as possible and is long enough to pull of this look now. Does Duke also put his head on your shoulder? Dogs are too funny. And beautiful quilt!! Your work always makes me smile!

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