Friday, April 20, 2012

We have ROWS!

It takes me FOREVER to finish a quilt.  I watch other bloggers start and finish a quilt all in a weekend or week and it amazes me.  I must be very SLOW at sewing.  (I do get easily distracted.)  Anywho, I couldn't wait to post these pictures of my "Bust Yo Scraps" (QAL by Just a bit frayed) quilt.  As I mentioned before, the blocks with the yellow square center are time hoggers!  But I do love them next to the snowball blocks.  The turquoise fabric is flannel and since it's just pinned here and there it looks a bit bubbly in this picture. I added in that dark fabric (see point above center yellow) as I was making the last blocks and I'm glad I did - I like the depth of the contrast.

 I found a new place for my design wall!  This is a sliding glass door.  I was thinking about making curtains for it but maybe I'll just leave this here permanently and it will be like changing curtains!

 The first night I hung the design wall (Target table cloth turned flannel side out) I used electric tape (no I didn't use Jack's wallet making stash I bought my own!)  When I woke the next morning, it was all piled in the floor.  :(  I re pinned the squares on the dining room table then poked holes in the table cloth at the top and tied it to the holder on the wall with ribbon.  So far so good!

 Can you tell what he has been up to?  Seems he knew just the place where he wanted to put the treat I gave him. 

After doing 13 loads of laundry at the laundry mat yesterday (yes, 13! Bedding, blankets, rugs, you know the drill!) I found Duke curled up on this freshly washed blanket on the couch.  Seems he loves Downey lavender! 

Happy Friday


  1. Oh the quilt is looking lovely - the thought of 13 loads of washing though is making me feel queasy!

  2. No, I am very slow too. Though I blame having to earn a living for that!I love your scrap buster!
    Oh for a laundry fairy!

  3. Love the colors! So pretty! A reversed tablecloth is a great idea for a design wall! Have a great weekend.

  4. The quilt is looking fabulous!! I love your new banner!!

  5. Hi Kris
    I sometimes wonder why there hasnt been a reality show about us mad quilters and what we get up to, I'm sure it would make a fun watch!
    Love this quilt, dont forget quality not quantity LOL!!