Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's your passion?

My oldest son, Mitch, is a senior this year.  His interests are many - his passion is music. 

He started playing bass guitar in the 4th grade.  We signed him up for lessons, which he took for a couple of years.  But mostly, he is self taught.  He has an ear for music.  He hears a song, then plays it.  It's a gift.  He's played in many bands and his tastes have changed over the years.  This year he is all about jazz music.  After saving his money, he bought himself a stand up bass guitar.  It arrived in January.  He's already played it in two school concerts. 

Last night was the second concert.  He smiled and spun his bass around, wearing his "jazz hat" while he accompanied the Gig Harbor High School jazz choir.  He changed into his tuxedo and played a fun version of Humpty Dumpty with the elementary school honor choir.  Finally, he sang with the GHHS Meistersingers.  During one song there is various clapping by the singers at different parts in the song.  At the end of the song, there is one final clapping rhythm, a solo - and it was Mitch.

For me, there is nothing that gives me greater joy than watching my child do what he is passionate about.



  1. Isn't watching your children turn into amazing adults the best feeling in the world. Sons are AWESOME!

  2. Molly, yes! Thank God I'll have another one still at home when Mitch leaves us for college.

  3. Wow!! What a great feeling, shame they don't do Lego concerts, only chance my son would be a star!!

  4. Gostaria de ter estado aí,amo jazz.Os filhos só nos trazem alegrias mesmo quando nos aborrece.Faz parte... para nos amarmos mais.Parabéns pelo novo cabeçalho,ficou lindo.Feliz Páscoa!!