Friday, March 30, 2012

Finished Rose-Star runner!

I'm happy to have finally finished my table runner for our dining room! 
I participated in Clare's block party where she shared her pattern for the Rose-Star block which is paper pieced.  (See my side bar).  I've made four of them but these are my two favorites.  I took them to Texas where my son, Jack, and I recently vacationed.  We found the red gingham fabric at the quilt asylum in McKinney and chose it to encircle the Rose Stars and connect them.  The spartan pieces were added to square off the shapes.  What do you think of the dish towel binding?  I'd purchased those a few years ago and knew I'd find a good use for them!  One dish towel cut up in to 2.5 inch strips completed the runner.  I think the large ric-rack is a fun addition, too.  Several of the fabrics are from the Going Coastal Collection"which suits the look of our home in a downtown harbor.  The center apples are a cut up dish towel from Target that caught my eye.  I hand quilted inside and around the stars in white, blue, red and green.

There's Duke checking it out!
(or is he looking at his treat dish?)

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  1. I am impressed with your combination of fabrics. How creative of you to use dishtowels! I'm going to have to try that zigzag binding....looks cute.

  2. Awesome!!! I love your use of different materials, way to spice it up! That green daisy dot print is one of my favorites, I have a bunch of it stashed :D

  3. Your runner looks so good! It might inspire me to finish my third star and get them sewn together (and then we'd have something else to hang; I've been told it's my job to decorate our still-bare walls).
    Very, very cool, Kris!

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