Saturday, March 3, 2012

How 'bout those Cubs?

Happy Saturday!  I am tackling a new quilt today.  Last night my husband and I had a nice chat about a quilt sitting in a bar by a fireplace, before the Big Bad VooDoo Daddy show.  My  husband is a very creative guy.  I always love his input on my quilts.  I'm making a quilt for a friend who loves the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team.  Here is my starting point:

It's a picture of my computer screen so a little blurry - but these are the colors I'm needing.  I went to my fabric stash to see what I had in these colors and came up with this:

I'd like to put the big C in the circle on the quilt back but the curve of the circle has me wondering how to tackle it.  Any ideas? I've gotta knock this one out so I'll start cutting fabrics today! 

So the concert last night was amazing!  What talented musicians!  They asked for no photos during the show but I snapped this right before - loving these seats!

There was a couple sitting in that chair on the left side of this picture that were ignoring the no photo rule during the show.  He looked about 50ish and she looked about 25ish.  He was taking pics with her in them and the band behind her.  One or two, well ok, but when she started looking at the photos and having him retake them well, let's just say....annoying!  My husband firmly put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Put the camera away."  My hero!  My son was at the show with friends from the Jazz Choir at Gig Harbor High School.  They were sitting up in the balcony (when they weren't standing up and dancing).  Mitch plays stand up bass and soaked up every move made by the stand up bass player in Big Bad VooDoo Daddy!  Here they are after the show:

Bass player, my son Mitch, his friend Cody

Why did I not have my flash on?  The guy said he was "self-taught" on the stand up which my son loved since he is "self teaching" himself to play his after years of lessons and practicing on a regular bass guitar.
I blogged about the day Mitch's stand up bass arrived here.

Here is Mitch along with his friends singing some jazz tunes in the lobby before the show started.

For my Rose-Star friends, here's a peek at my table topper.

I'm having a give-away next Wednesday!  Gonna share some of my Texas Quilt Asylum fabrics with y'all! 



  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Love those checks and tartan round the rose star - looking good :)

  2. Love your rose stars. The apple print you've used is co cute! x