Friday, March 23, 2012

He's BAAACK with a winner!

We have a winner!   I recently posted here about the St. Patrick's day blog hop and a retro give-away.  Duke was kind enough to help me announce the give away.  Well, today he is back with the winner!

Thanks to all of the new followers that found me through the blog hop.  It is so much fun to share a love of dogs and fabric with like minded new friends.  I am checking out all of your blogs, too.

"I hope this is the last time she puts me in this silly hat.  Please don't let Olive see this."

Duke is saying "These would make a perfectly good doggy bed, and it's not going to be for me..."

Congratulations MC! 

Duke and I had a blast reading all of your comments about what he was thinking while posing with the sign in the silly hat (that I photo-shopped in).  I loved MC's comment but the thing is....Duke doesn't sleep in a doggy bed, he prefers MY bed!  But you're right, he does like to rest his head against something soft.

We finished the "top" of the table runner while watching "Missing" last night!

He's such a good sewing partner. The sun is shining.
I think I'll wake him up and take him to the dog park!

Linking up to Amanda Jean's "finish it up friday" over at
I received my signed copy of her new book that I bought
from her shop!
  I love it! You should check it out.



  1. Congrats to MC and thanks to you, and Duke, for the fun giveaway!

  2. Congrats MC - keep up the good work Duke x

  3. Congratulations to MC! The runner looks great and Duke is as cute as always!

  4. Congratulations to MC and I am a winner too!!I found your blog and Duke that is a pretty nice gift. Hugs