Friday, March 9, 2012

My first crochet lesson!

Happy Friday!  If you are here looking for my Quilt Asylum fabric give away go here for the details.  There's still time...winner announced next Wednesday!  A big thank you to Christie at describehappy for mentioning my give away on her blog and a big welcome to my new followers/blog friends in Greece and Australia that came over for a visit from Christie's blog.  As I understand it, it they win, they owe Christie a fat quarter or something like that!  ;-)

Last night I had my girlfriends over for a crochet lesson.  Our friend, Sheila, is a master at it and she agreed to show us the ropes.  Sheila came with handouts, yarn and hooks for all of us.  Thanks girlfriend!

I wanted to organize my sewing area a bit first and snapped a few pictures.

(While I was working, Duke assumed his customary position.)

Decided to put my "Bust Yo Scraps" blocks up on the wall with hopes it will inspire me to work on it some more.  They are to the right of the door with the window.  Details here:
Bust Yo Scraps!

I love the pattern!  It's a bit time consuming to sew/iron/sew/iron but worth it for such adorable blocks.

I have a new Rose Star in the works!  It's under the black mirror.  Somehow, I made this one the size of the fabric cut outs instead of the size of the template cut outs, so I couldn't add it to my table runner.  I was on Vacation so I must have been talking to my Mom when this error happened!  That's Jack's quilt artwork on the door.  He was so pleased to see I had hung it there.

Oh the Chevron quilt top - how I love thee!  Have you seen the QAL with Jennifer at People are still joining.  Go check it out! 
That Girl... That Quilt
 Mine is folded up and hanging from hangers (like the talented Jolene does sometimes when she photographs her works of art!  I have the fabric all ready to go for the quilt back - surely I'll get it done soon! 

See the green smock on the wall?  My Mom made that for me to wear in kindergarten!  She is wonderful about keeping things.  My somewhat? organized fabrics with pinks and reds together on the second shelf and blue and greens on the shelf below.  That stool to the left has my box of goodies from The Quilt Asylum (I wish they paid me for every time I mentioned them!) on top of my EPP table runner in progress.  Are you in Clare's Block Party?  You have to visit her blog over at SelfSewn and check it out along with the wonderful paper piecing of other things she has made.  Stunning!

Someone was barking at me from the next room.  See him there between the chairs?

Seems it was afternoon treat time.  (Duke eyeing the dish of treats on the table)

Duke barking...."quit taking my picture and give me one of those treats!"
(I certainly don't think archie the wonder dog would ever behave like this!)

You would think after all of that demanding he would munch that treat up....

But that's not how he operates....

Wasn't she going to talk about Crochet?

Look at my friend, Julie, go!  She has learned to crochet while entertaining her 1 year old and giving him his bottle - she's AMAZING! 

Here's TEACHER SHEILA showing me what to do.  Why can't I remember which way to wrap the yarn around the hook?  Does it matter anyway?  "No, the other way" she kept saying to me.  Ugh!  .....I'm pretending to enjoy this...

Missy had no problem with it - it MUST be because her yarn is better, I tell myself.

Before long, Missy let her hair down, picked up two needles and went back to what she does best....knitting!  Said she prefers two needles.

Ok, Deborah are you ready?


Of course Jack (my 10 year old) showed me up with his finger knitting and made this necklace for Duke:

I'm linking my finished crocheted bookmark (LOL) up to AmandaJean over at crazymomquilts!  Did you know she is selling signed copies of her new book in her shop? 



  1. your sewing area is SO YELLOW! i can't even imagine having that much yellow outside, much less inside! looks, great though. ♥

  2. I know, right? It inspires creativity! I painted the table the same color but now I'm thinking of changing the table to red.

  3. What an entertaining post. I'm not quite sure where to begin! I hope Duke got his treat. I love the peeks into your home sweet home. Love all the happy color. But most of all you are now a crocheter!! Yippee. I just got my copy of Amanda Jean's book. I give it an A+.....Have a wonderful weekend. PS Congrats on all your new followers!!

    1. Deb I'm just not sure crochet is for me! My stitches kept getting tight and I couldn't see where to poke the needle back thru when joining rows. I thought we'd learn the granny square but my teacher told me I wasn't ready for that! LOL. You got the book early! I ordered it today from her shop, she's so nice! Have a fun weekend get away!

  4. Hi! Thank you for a lovely post! My Nero acts exactly the same and often I have three of them sitting next to the bookself where they 'desserts' and biscuits are and all they speak! Duke's new necklace looks great!
    All your w.i.p:s look beautiful! I love the rose - looks complicated!
    Enjoy your weekend - sewing or knitting!
    x Teje

  5. I really enjoyed this post! Archie is very jealous of Duke's posh treat jar - his biscuits are out of sight in an old plastic cereal tub in the 'dog cupboard' in the conservatory so he often stands at the door asking to go in and then stares at the cupboard door willing it to open! And he's recently started asking to go outside in the (vain!) hope that when he comes back in he'll get a biscuit!! Well done on the crochet - I hope you get away with it soon, it's really addictive once you get going!

  6. LoL I'm hopeless with yarn, so you definitely did a better job that I would have! Loved the sneak peek at your work space. Looks like a fun place to play! :)