Saturday, March 17, 2012

Treats for Duke!

Looking for the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop Give Away?  It's here.

Having entertained my company this week, today was an uneventful sewing day.  Just didn't have it in me.
Tomorrow is a new day!  I'm quilting a quilt next!

I received my Love in a Box from Kerry - I love it!  I'm really enjoying this monthly "show someone you care" group I am in.  I blogged about the gifts I have made for it here (Cubs mini)  and here (Laurie's value quilt).  I love happy things that focus on positive thoughts!  And silly stuff - like Duke in a leprechaun hat!

I heard your messages loud and clear in yesterday's comments about Duke being my give away helper. 
 You feel he deserves some sort of reward for looking silly. 

Well I decided a few treats were in order but first we had to deliver dinner to my older son, Mitch, who is working hard at his High School running the sound for the musical, "The Sound of Music". 
(It's been raining all week and the dog park is much too wet for a visit today so a car ride it is.)

I had Jack and his buddy along to run the food in while Duke and I waited in the car.

With that done, we headed home - here we are driving by the dog park.


Having an Olive flashback...

After a rain-filled week it was nice to see some blue skies over the harbor!

Here ya' go Duke - a milk bone treat!  He has to sniff it first.

And lay with it...see it under his chin?

and for tomorrow - some special duck wrapped twists!

A big thank you for all of your clever comments about Duke in yesterday's post!  You know him so well!



  1. Wonderful photos, funny thoughts from Luke and your sewing room looks so sunny and happy! x Teje

  2. Teje said it all! Great post, Duke is such a blast :D

  3. Woof! Woof!! Archie wanted to let you know how much he loves this post and he's jealous that Duke is allowed to travel in the front of the car rather than being put in the boot!! I love that final photo of Duke, shattered after all that skateboard and Jack pulling and having a nice snooze on the settee!!

  4. Oh where you live looks sooooo awesome!

  5. "I hope Olive doesn't see this"