Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dust and Mop Procrastination

(If you are looking for the Give Away Post you can find it here.)

Have you heard of the WA State Cougars?  I swear my 10 year old is going to end up going to WSU!  Well it turns out Duke is a fan also!

He begged to wear a Cougar wig!  I know, I was surprised too... 
 (This photo was taken last summer after his foot surgery, he is fine now)

Here's another picture of his recovery stage from the surgery where I tried to keep Sir Duke from licking his healing paw - which wasn't easy given his LONG legs.  All he needed here was his smoking jacket and cigar!  But I digress...

The WA Cougars are "crimson" and gray.  Don't go calling it red or someone here WILL correct you!  There's Jack in his Cougar Snuggie.  I found it at TJ Max for under $10.  You can't make 'em for that!

Well Jack and his buds have asked for "cougar" kindle cases.  So I've got to find some Cougar fabric or - cut up a t-shirt (hmmmmm or a sunggie?!)  I wouldn't dare!  So - always a need to buy fabric, right?!

In other "kid news" - my HS Senior, Mitch, has been recognized by two organizations recently!  He won an essay contest and college scholarship for the region hosted by DAR and was selected as Student of the Month by the Mid Day Rotary Club for his leadership and community service projects. Mitch is President of the Associated Student Body (ASB) at Gig Harbor High.  As he says to me, "I didn't turn out so bad, huh Mom?"  I'm so proud of him!  He is off to Salem, OR next year as a Willamette Bear Cat. 

Sorry to bore you about my son's accomplishments when I know you are really here for quilt inspiration and doggie pictures!  Hopefully you aren't the complaining type?

It's been a busy week of activities with the boys and getting the house ready for
"Crochet Lesson Night" with my gal pals tonight!  I will post some crochet work tomorrow.  This ought to be interesting!  My friend Sheila is teaching us.

One of the week's activities was a field trip with the 4th grade to our State Capitol in Olympia.  I noticed this door and really wanted to take a peek in side!  (wink)

But what really caught my attention was this carpet on the floor of one of the rooms.  I see a quilt with these colors in my future!  And I'll know just where to get the fabric after reading all of your comments on the Give Away I posted yesterday!  I am loving reading all of your suggestions of where to shop!

ok, signing off to clean the house...


  1. OK, Now I'm really confused! I thought you were from Washington (state, not DC), but your last post talked about McKinney TX. Do you have family there too? Who would have thunk... My SIL (who lives in PDX) also has family in McKinney. Small world...

  2. Wow! Lots going on with you. Your should be very proud of your son! Have fun learning to crochet! I want to see some good stuff!!

  3. Loved seeing & reading your blog! You did a great job crocheting...practice, practice, practice lol! Hope you have a great week.

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