Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's NOT a WIP Wednesday

It's Work in Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  That works for me since all of my stuff is "in progress" at the moment.

I think the dish towel binding is going to be a nice match to the fabrics! 

 Bust Yo Scraps Quilt

Chasing Chevrons Quilt I posted awhile back that I couldn't find the type of thimbles that Mary at Molly Flanders uses.  (I've linked you to her hand quilting tutorial which I love!)  Well next thing I know she sends me the thimble along with the thimble in the next  picture which she also really likes to use.  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness!  After trying both, my preference is the one in the first picture. (above)

As you may have read before, when I am crafting, Jack is never far behind!  Here he is designing a T-shirt for his new logo "DO2"  - which is "dos" (Spanish for 2) and the 2 is a backwards S (says Jack).

He is so proud!  He wore it to school today.

Had some requests for the paella recipe I use.  It is in this book - which is a wonderful book of Spanish recipes.  The author is American.  She lived in Spain as a student and then went from kitchen to kitchen collecting recipes.  As an American that also studied in Spain (Sevilla), I could relate to her passion for Spain and bought the book.  It's available on Amazon.

Get your reading glasses out!

Duke and I did enjoy a beautiful day at the dog park.
and he made a new friend!  Though she didn't have the long legs Olive has...

Meet Maggie.....

Duke had a hard time getting her to play chase. 
She preferred to lay down and watch everyone else run.

Then we were off to Starbucks drive-thru where Duke always scores a dog treat.

Me and my favorite guy!

Who can ALWAYS be found laying on a quilt.


  1. Hi Kris and Duke! What a great post full of beautiful and fun photos! Really cool t-shirt and your quilt is going to be wonderful with that binding1 x Teje & Nero

  2. Fun photos! What cool binding. I would never have thought of using a dish towel. And thimbles from the fabulous Mary at Molly Flanders. Impressive!

  3. poo your chasing chevrons is so great! I love the contrast between the solids and prints!