Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching up!

I made an apple pie yesterday!  I love to bake.  And my family loves an Apple pie which is easy to make, living in the land of apples. (Washington State)  I had plenty in the refrigerator to whip this up without even a trip to the store.

I decided to check out The Grand on Netflix while I made it.  A friend told me it was a good second bester to Downton Abbey.  It is definitely not as good, but yes I think I might watch episode 2 and see if it's going to become my new thing.

All cut up with cinnamon and sugar added.

I also threw together a Spanish Paella.

It's another one of my go-to dinners that I've gotten fairly speedy at making.  Fresh garlic, onion, pork churizo, spanish saffron, short grain rice, chicken broth, green onions and then whatever meats I have - this one was ham and chicken.  This is one of my family's favorites! 

Duke wandering what is going on in the kitchen!
(See how he carries his treat around the house with him)

Then later he has moved all the way to the other end of the couch.

But THIS has been the biggest accomplishment of yesterday and today.  I've been working on my High School Senior's Grad Ad for the yearbook.  It is the tradition at Gig Harbor High School that parents make a page (with the help of the yearbook staff )of their son or daughter that goes in the back of the yearbook as a tribute to your Senior.  Granted, you have to pay money to do this and it's not cheap.  But how can you not?  Mitch is so active in his school that it was hard to narrow down what to show and say.  I hope he will like this.  His little brother, Jack, saw the draft and was thrilled to be in it!  Duke made it in, too! (bottom right, hard to see in this shot).

Finally, on the sewing front, I have been quilting a quilt for Sheri's daughter, Taylor, who made this quilt top and brought it to me when they visited last week.  She started some straight line quilting while here, but we ran out of time to finish it together. 

This morning I cut out the binding - here it is laying around the quilt, not ironed in half yet.  Didn't she make a beautiful quilt?!  She took a lesson at her local quilt shop 4 years ago.  I'm helping her reach the finish line!

Such a beautiful quilt, Taylor!  Maybe she'll start blogging!  (wink )

I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the St. Patrick's Day blog hop retro bundle! 
Good luck!  I bought the CUTEST box to mail it to you in!!  It's pink!!! :)

and I've got to find some "stale stash" to participate in this swap/are you in it yet?



  1. Oh my! So much goodness in your post! Yummy pie! Beautiful quilt! Handsome son! And adorable Duke!

  2. Ok, first of all...where are you getting all of this crazy energy? Pie and paella look AMAZING, and if that were not enough, you have to make a quilt and a senior add too??? Whoa! You go girl!
    p.s.- I want the recipe for the paella if you have one. Sometimes I just make things up in the kitchen, so I completely get not having a real recipe.
    p.p.s-Your son is gonna love what you did, and wow, he's a handsome kid!

  3. I love Paella! Gorgeous quilt too.

  4. I hope you keep the pie well away from Duke! Can you imagine him carrying that round the house like he does his treats?!! Love Taylor's quilt!