Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cubs Mini

Have you entered the give-away?  Details are here!

I worked all afternoon yesterday on this Cubs mini - it needs to be in the mail Monday!
I was thinking originally of putting the words on top of the 36 patch. 

( I originally made 36 patch blocks for a QAL with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts, the details of this QAL can be found here.)

But I had a change of heart when I made the back and saw how empty it was - the letters needed to go on this side!  I also like the blue around the red CUBS because it looks like their team colors.

I found these patches at Hobby Lobby.  It is hard to read here but says:

This is perfect as this is part of a "Love in a Box" care package swap I am in.  The idea is to show someone you care with a little something in the mail, just for fun.  Last month I had my high school friend Laurie as my "person" and went all out with a full quilt for her.  The rules say don't spend more than $15 but I wanted to do something BIG for Laurie because she started the swap and organized the rules and the names and addresses for the rest of us.  We are all friends of hers, just sharing a little love each month.  As far as I know, I am the only quilter in the group. Here's what her quilt looked like and if you didn't catch last month's post on Love in a Box you can find it here.  (with more pics!)

This month I have one of Laurie's friends.  I have never met her so I went to her facebook page and read that she and her family reside in Southern California but take a yearly trip to Chicago to see their favorite team, the Cubs.

I channeled a little Molly Flanders (Mary is the Queen of hand stitching)!

It's reversible and I have visions of it being on the kitchen table as a hot pad or centerpiece - or maybe she will decide to hang it on a wall.
I'm going to put a few other little "things I love" in the box and off it goes! 

I previously posted about my childhood friend, Sheri, for whom I made this quilt:

Well I'm very excited to say she is coming to  my house for a visit with her two daughters!  I haven't seen her for a few years so this is going to be SO FUN!  She'll be staying in my teenager's room that currently looks like this:

I'd say he has some cleaning up to do.  Don't you agree?!  LOL

Duke has declared it couch day!

We're off to see the High School play....The Sound of Music. 
Sew....a needle pulling thread......!!

But first I've got to go read about the syrup Christie made!


  1. Your mini came out so well.. and what a fun swap to be a part of! Can't wait to hear what is in your care package as well. And oh my gosh did we have fun making syrup... do you think I took a picture of the final product. Nope! I need to remember to do that tonight!

  2. Love the mini - the hand quilting is fabulous!! I think Duke thinks you're going to tidy him up off the settee and he's thinking 'there's no way she's getting me off here, I'm far too comfy!'