Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chasing Chevrons Quilt Along

I'm gearing up for my second quilt along.  Now that I think about it, I never finished my quilt top for my last quilt along.  Is that bad?  Oh well!  All the blocks are in the "to sew" pile.  I'll get it done eventually.  But back to this upcoming quilt along.  It is with Jennifer over at That girl...That quilt.  I've seen chevrons in other quilts lately, so it's gonna be fun to make them in this quilt!  I love a gray background but have never done one so this will be my first time.  Here's a picture of the fabrics I have chosen:

They are bold and fun, don't you think?  I have made lots of pink and green quilts, so this will be out of my comfort zone. 

In other news, Duke has completely healed from his paw surgery.  Here he is showing off his drinking fountain talent.  He played hard and was soooo thirsty!

After a good run, Duke is always searching for a comfy place on the couch.

Silly guy - always loves a pillow, too.

I'm off to see what Christie's dogs are up to at  She's another dog crazy girl like me!  Happy Thursday to you.



  1. I love the colors! They are really going to pop against the gray!

    Duke is too cool getting a drink of water. Oh, what trouble my two beagles would get into if they were that smart in public!


  2. Thanks for the sweet note! I am so excited to see that not only do you love your pup... but you quilt too? How awesome! I love the bright colors you have picked out and look forward to seeing what you plan for them. New follower here :) And thanks for the link call out!