Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yep, I made four pies!  The first two were requests from my sons and the second two we took to Thanksgiving dinner (on Thanksgiving eve) at our friends' house.  I love traditions. Pie making is something my Mom taught me.  We make our crust with Crisco and don't add salt.  I picked up some additional tips from this year, such as chilling the crisco before putting it in with the flour and using a cookie cutter for the tops.  (See my stars and apples) 

We will spend Thanksgiving day in our PJs watching Christmas movies and eating leftovers.  Then I think we'll be getting the Christmas tree out of the box!  So says my husband....we'll see if a nap doesn't take priority.

Speaking of naps....Duke in his big brother's lap.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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