Monday, February 13, 2012

Duke makes a new friend

Happy Monday Morning!  I'm a bit slow going this morning due to Downton Abbey being a 2 hour show last night that I didn't start watching until 11:00pm!  I'm not complaining - I LOVE THAT SHOW! 

Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in the Fugly Fabric.  I am enjoying reading all of your comments!  Jack will be helping me draw the winner tomorrow. 

Well it turns out Duke's fancy chevron scarf has drawn him more attention at the dog park, this time from a new friend, Yeagar.

One look at us and he came barreling over to say hello!  I instinctively bent my knees not knowing if I was going to be taken down with a big dog hug or what?!

Here they are after a swim!  The scarf!  It got wet!!

A game of chase is a must for Duke.  He loves to be chased!

Hours later I found him here, relaxing on my bed.

Poor guy was worn out and needed a nap!

I was able to mail off the "love in a box" value quilt on Friday after my last minute fabric pen purchase. You can read more about the quilt here.  As I mentioned the first pen turned out to be the washable pen kind, so I ran out for this pen at the last minute.  I "set" it with heat, too.

I didn't get any new projects started this weekend as baseball try-outs, a basketball game and a High School dance all happened Saturday. 

My Senior Mitch and his date.

It's vacation time for us!  The kids have a mid-winter break next week. We are heading out of town a few days early.  We'll be visiting my parents in Dallas.  Yay!  Jack started packing last night and the first three things to go in his suitcase were:  Dominos, a football, a skateboard.  Priorities!  My hubby will stay here with Duke.  How will Duke survive without me?  My  husband tells me he paces by the back door whenever I am gone.  Poor guy!

In closing, I wanted to link up to a beautiful blog I stumbled across.
Love this colorful blog! mamacjt you have some beautiful creations!

A close up of the windows

I'll be back with the fugly fabric winners tomorrow!


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  1. I love Duke. What a wonderful doggie. And your son is so handsome. My son and his family just moved to San Antonio. They love it. Great colors on mamacjt. Deb.