Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love in a Box

Happy Fabric Tuesday!  I should be quilting this quilt but I didn't want to pass up a chance to say hello with Heather and Megan over at Quilt Story!  I've been posting snippets of this quilt from Flickr the past few days.  I've almost finished it!  It's my February gift to a friend as part of our "Love in a Box" swap.  It started with Laurie having a bad day and another friend telling her she was going to send her a care package (wasn't that sweet?)  Laurie decided to share the love by collecting names of her friends who wanted to join in the fun of a monthly care package which she is calling "Love in a Box".  All you had to do was send her your name and address and she would organize the list. Our names were placed in alphabetical order by first name and you simply send a gift by the 10th of the month to the person below you on the list.  The next month, you drop down a name, and so on!  Well what a nice thing for Laurie to organize - don't you think?  Guess who I (Kris) got for the first month - - Laurie!  The rules are simple really, don't spend more than $10-12 and mail it by the 10th. It can't be something for the kids, either.  This is love for a friend! 

I had this fabric already!  So I didn't spend any money at all!  I wanted more red for Valentine's Day, so I swapped out a few of the half square triangles with new ones from my ever growing fabric stash.  Do you just love my design wall?  We happen to have lots of duct tape in the house right now (as you know if you have been reading previous posts about Jack's duct tape wallets).

By the next morning, it looked like this.  Ugh!  I need a big empty wall but there isn't one in this cozy little home of ours. 

Yesterday I gave it one last good ironing before making the quilt sandwich.  We live in a very old home and it has one of those ironing boards that opens out of a door from the wall.  The wooden leg drops down and presto - you have your ironing station.  Love it.

My older son Mitch took this picture.  Duke couldn't figure out what I was doing.  At first he tried to stand behind the quilt with me but after some coaxing - he was model ready!

Here's Duke showing me what part of the batting I needed to trim off.  Got it!  Thanks Duke!

I spray basted the layers.  Duke didn't care for that part.  He took off running out the back door.

He has since inspected it and let me know it's ready for quilting! It's the final countdown now to finish this up.  Is it the 10th yet? 

And speaking of Valentine's Day, I wanted to close with a picture of the Valentine's Day box that Jack (left above) made yesterday using his duct tape and scissors and a cardboard box.

It is a skateboard box!

Wish me luck on finishing up my "Love in a Box" gift for Laurie! I may not be making a quilt every month -  Laurie deserved something extra special for organizing us!!

PS - Next time I will post about the Love in a Box that I received yesterday!  I just love it!!!!



  1. What a fun and colorful blog you have. So happy I found you via Cindy's blog! Deb.

    1. Thanks Deborah! What a nice tribute Cindy gave you. I enjoyed it!

  2. Love the idea of love in a box! And I love your quilt, and Jack's box and, of course, Duke!

    1. Oh thank you Archie's Mom! I need an "I like Duke " button - I liked Archie today! Give him a biscuit for Pete,s sake!!

  3. What a pretty quilt. I just love scrappy quilts! I wish I had an ironing board that came out of the wall... a great big one!

  4. Love that HST quilt top, and seeing Duke being so helpful ;)