Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fabric Winners!

We're off to Dallas tomorrow!  I've decided to take along my rose stars for some hand stitching at my Mom and Dad's house.  Mom is a crafter, too.  In fact, she said she has already saved the JoAnns coupon for this week.  LOL!  I also plan to visit some of her local quilt stores which I have never been to before.  Fun!

Would you look at how close I am to finishing this one?  I mean seriously?!  Once the kids walk in the door after school it is CRAZY here and not much sewing gets done.  We are usually off to the skate park - pronto!  There is about 1.5 hours of daylight left so no time to waste.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day by the way!  This precious wall hanging came in my "Love in a Box" gift this month!  There were also some gummy heart candies but those are, um, gone!  This is so adorable and so perfect for February!  You can read more about the Love in a Box Care Package group I am in here.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment for the Fugly Fabric Give-Away!  My youngest son Jack, drew numbers 7 and 13.  Paskiaq and June D.....you are the winners!  I've just sent you an email asking for your address.

Duke met Olive at the dog park yesterday and boy was he smitten!!

It was really funny to watch!  There were lots of dogs at the park but he only had eyes for Olive!

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!!



  1. Thank you Jack for picking my name! And thank you Kris for this fun selection of fabrics!

  2. Have a wonderful time in Dallas. I bet the fabric shopping is great there. The pic of Duke and Olive is too cute. Deb.

  3. The rose and star blocks looks gorgeous! Hope you get that one done before you leave!! Have fun on your trip.
    Congratulations to the winners and thanks for joining in the party :)

  4. Those blocks are gorgeous!!!

    Love the doggies! :)

  5. Have a lovely holiday! Gorgeous photos of Duke and Olive!!!