Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Felt projects with my sons!

I just love to work with felt.  Three years ago my MIL taught me the blanket stitch on felt.  She had a magazine with this pattern in it and I cut out all of the pieces and made this centerpiece.  I always enjoy when she visits as she brings tins full of little projects she is working on.  I believe this felt was in her traveling stash!

It was an easy way to learn to hand stitch since felt can be so forgiving.

I really had forgotten about it until yesterday when I was organizing a cupboard of "stuff" and found this put away.  I'm working on a table runner with my Rose-Stars, but meanwhile this will work for the center of our table.

Jack would have been in first grade then and already had one quilt under his belt.  Yep, he was sewing in kindergarten!  Never to be one left out of the crafting fun, on this day Jack made this:

I found it tucked away in the same cupboard.  I'm so glad I kept it!  Maybe one day he can use it in his own home.  For now, I've found just the place for it.

My older son Mitch would have been a 9th grader.  He was around that day and interested in our stitchery enough to prompt him to make this:

Way to go Mitch!  It was soon after this that he died his hair blond and formed a punk band but those days are behind us now!  I wouldn't trade them though.  I went to some of those punk music gigs and tapped my foot to the beat - - we always have encouraged his musical interests. I'm just really glad he likes Jazz best these days.  :)

My WIPs are now organized in a nice stack in the closet.  I was tired of seeing them stacked up my my sewing table.  When I get to them, I get to them!  I have two new ones to add to the list:
1.  Hand quilt red blanket
2.  Weaved rug

(added to the current list:)

3. 36 patch quilt needs back
4. Chevron quilt needs border and back
5. String quilt needs back
6. half square Value quilt sew rows
7. Rose Stars finish stars
8. Bust yo scraps finish blocks

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