Monday, February 27, 2012

Mom's new fabrics

It's my last full day in Texas with my parents. jack and I will have stayed 13 days when we depart for WA state ( home ) tomorrow. It's been great to have this time with my parents! Mom and I did some fabric shopping and I've taught her EPP. We sat in front of the TV last night for 4 hours commenting on the dresses both on the red carpet and during the Oscars! We loved Angelina's but what was up with that stance with her leg out?!

I'll be back to normal blogging in a couple of days! I hear my friend, Deb, is having a give away so I'll get the details and tell you more...

I miss Duke! (oh, and my husband, lol)


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  1. Sounds like you had the best time and your mom's new fabric is looking good! Have a safe trip home,