Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finished Prism Patchwork Quilt!

I am so happy to have met the deadline for the linky party!  This QAL really helped me stay on task and finish this quilt.  I really like it!  It's my favorite quilt to date.  The pattern was easy enough to follow, but just time consuming as I plotted and plotted the colors and placement.  I used the same fabric for the center hexagon rather than different fabrics.  I wanted the colors to start with brown and then go brown/yellow, green, blue, purple, red, orange, pink.  I did an alternating red and outer ring scrap for the binding.  The back is a pretty pink. 

This was what it looked like a few weeks ago as just a top:

I decided on a backing and just got the binding finished last night!

Here you can see the binding and that is the back side of the quilt at the bottom of this photo.  It is a vintage sheet I found for $3.99!  The top of this quilt is full of designer fabrics and some "other" fabrics from my stash!  I ony had to buy about a yard worth of fabric total to make this quilt, supplementing some pink and orange that I was short on.  I quilted it with polyester thread since I used a sheet on the back and that worked great.  Thanks Jeni at In Color Order for the tip!

I did a stitch in the ditch quilting and then went back to each of the spider web shapes and added extra decorative quilting using some buttons on my machine that I had never tried before.  That was fun! I especially like the one that you see above on the left side bottom between the Kaffe Fasset circles and the non-designer wonky squares. (I think that was a fat quarter from JoAnn Fabrics).  The stitch is a zig zag with an extra little diamond.

Isn't that wavy stitch neat?  I did that through out the center brown hexagon.  That is an Anna Maria Horner fabric - and this is an AMH pattern.   I also did some pick stitching a la' Molly Flanders throughout the quilt.  (I love Mary's hand quilting over at

Wavy quilting in the center.

Duke "helping" me take pictures.

Do you instagram?  I took lots of pictures of the making of this quilt.  You can find my photo stream here:  @dukesayssewwhat

Thanks to Sweet Diesel Designs for leading this QAL!



  1. Awesome quilt- very, very cool! I printed the directions, and they're waiting until I get settled enough into my new job, and then I'll hopefully find some time to sew. That quilt is just too awesome to not attempt!

  2. It's very cheery indeed. I like how there are hexagons too!

  3. Beautiful, and I love all the fancy stitching and the layout of the color with the browns in the center, just lovely!

  4. I love that one! It looks amazing with the deep dark colors you chose.

  5. I love this quilt! Wow! Yay for the hand quilting!

  6. This turned out really great! Thanks for sharing it.

    So, I read a post today in which the blog author wondered why people just up and leave off following a blog. I don't really know if it's necessary to say anything when you cease to follow a blog, but thought I'd let you know I'm dropping off cause I'm spending WAAAAY to much time reading blogs about quilting instead of actually quilting. So I'm deleting many of the blogs I follow. I need to spend more time in the real world instead of the virtual world. I guess what I'm saying is, it's not you, it's me.

  7. Golly, it's really stunning!! I adore the colors you picked and the way you finished it with the quilting. So unique and so you!! I admit, I did not make the deadline. Mine has just a few rows pieced and it's just hanging out on my design wall. I still have 'empty' spots that need fabrics picked and cut. I think I got way to picky. But, still think it's also going to be one of my favorites. Hope you win that sewing machine!!

  8. It's beautiful! I'm sure that Duke will be attempting to help it settle in by lying on it at every opportunity...he'd better make sure he's got clean feet first though!