Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Prism and The Pooch

I'm doing my best to keep up with the QAL for the AMH Patchwork Prism pattern.  I first saw this quilt when she posted it on her blog and thought "Oh, I've got to make that."  I tend to think that about oh, at least one quilt a day that I see on blogs.  But this pattern really pulled me in because I do love her fabrics and the pattern seems like an extension of that sort of modern, bohemian, really unique feel that I get from her fabrics.  When I saw sweetdieseldesigns was hosting a QAL for this  pattern I decided to jump in!  The quilt is the biggest one I've ever made and it quickly outgrew my design wall.  Last night I moved it to the living room floor and pieced all of the smaller pieces together, which is Step 1 in the piecing proceess!  Hurray!

We are on to rows today, baby!  Here is the first row coming together.  I've got my assembly line set up to 1/double check the size of each cut piece before I sew 2/sew 3/iron.  The color map in front of me is a must to keep me on track.
I finished the first row and now have just 9 to go!  :p 

Duke didn't know what to think! 
Luckily, he had just had a bath and those paws are pretty darn clean. 



  1. Don't even want to know what's under the gerbera!

  2. Kris this looks so good! Don't you just love those spider web blocks? Such a great touch in the pattern.

  3. Awwww, Duke's a cutie! He'd get a shock if he saw what Archie's like when he gets a bath - full wet weather gear (cos a dancing, prancing wet dog is no joke!) and a hose...Duke's bath time looks much more relaxed!
    The prism quilt is looking gorgeous!

  4. you are too funny! loving the censor flower, way clever. the quilt is looking fabulous, way to get that assembly line going!