Monday, June 11, 2012

Senior Prom

Mitch's Senior Prom was this weekend!  The Gig Harbor High School prom was held on a ship that boarded at Pier 56 in Seattle.  I think that is so cool!  Back in "my day" prom was held at a local place, heck I can't even remember where it was.  These Seniors will surely always remember their prom on a ship sailing around for three hours.  The ticket price was so reasonable - $25 per person.  Can you believe that?  Of course you took your date to dinner somewhere first so that expense isn't included.  Mitch took Emily to The Canlis in Seattle.  They had dessert at prom and of course alcohol free drinks and dancing!  The ship had three levels and you could go out on the deck and enjoy the view.  They had a magician walking around that he said was very entertaining. 

Here is the ship!

I just loved her dress.  It had really pretty beading down the front.  Just gorgeous, really!  Mitch taught himself to tie his own bow tie.  He had his laptop open on the counter and looked into the mirror and followed the steps.  Then he would untie it and tie it again until he had it mastered. 

I really HAD to take lots of pictures because my teenage boy is actually smiling for a picture!  Now the countdown begins for graduation (this coming Saturday).

I finished the quilt!  I'm going to write a blog post tomorrow about the quilt and why I am giving it to my Mom.  It will be loaded with pictures!!

Duke getting in on the action!



  1. The young lady's dress is amazing. So tasteful, unique, flattering, and just awesome. I hope they had a great time, they look great.

  2. Really nice pictures, they look delighted, and her dress is super nice!

  3. What a lovely couple. Beautiful dress!

  4. Such big smiles!! Lovely, and what a great idea for a prom. Can't wait to hear about the quilt.