Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good bye to my parents

It was the best Christmas we have had in Washington! My parents arrived December 23rd and stayed for a two week vacation. It was glorious! This trip was originally scheduled for last May, when Mitch graduated from high school. Mom had a "mini stroke" then and couldn't travel. She's doing great now!

We took lots of day trips and enjoyed many a day here in Gig Harbor be it baking with my Mom (she makes the best pie dough!) or painting at our local pottery place (Mom's first time to paint pottery). There were walks along the beach with Dad and strolls around our historic downtown. Duke quickly found a best friend in his Pop, who takes really long daily walks. By the end of their stay, Duke would follow my Dad around the house each morning until he put his coat on. They even brought their grand-dog peanut butter dog treats for Christmas!

When we traveled, I "happened to know" where the local quilt store was! This shot is of the fabric I got on Vashon Island at possibly the BEST quilt store I've ever seen.

I've been posting on Instagram but took a small break from blogging. I'm back! Oh, in sewing news....I have two design walls now! Dad made them for me and gave my sewing machine a full tune-up. Now when I sew it doesn't sound like someone is beating a drum. I've also joined a sewing bee. Ill post more about that soon.

We are enjoying days of light gray which doesn't make for the best photographs but oh the memories I have captured, as a picture is worth a thousand words!



  1. Happy Days indeed!!
    Love the Mom and Duke pic x

  2. So nice to have family visit isn't it? Mine are also so far away, and this last Christmas was very difficult for me. So glad you got to spend time with them. I'm already begging my tween/teen sons to never move so far away LOL!

  3. What a nice trip. Duke must be sad! If you get a chance leave Island Quilter a yelp comment! I love that place too.