Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stitch that Stash

I've joined an online sewing bee! It's called "Stitch that Stash" as we are using what we have for our monthly blocks. I'm very excited about it. There is already great support amongst the group which is heart warming. This month we are making churn blocks for the fabulous Deb of Simply Miss Luella I finished mine a few days ago. Our flickr group is here if you want to check it out. We have 9 members and will go through September.

I didn't realize how easy a churn block is, so now I'm thinking a quilt of them for myself might be nice!

Also finished this week, three fabric bins for my friend ( who now lives in Spain ) to give to her nephews and niece - here in the States. I mailed them off to the kids directly and sent lots of pics to my friend. She and I lived together our sophomore year of college at UCSB. She loved traveling to Spain, fell in love with a Spaniard (haven't we all!) and now lives there!

I even showed her what the wrapping and package said, because I'm a photo-holic.

Made some blocks that I'll tell you more about soon.

That last block took 2 days! Well it seemed like it.

Today it was raining and 38 degrees, but I still did my 5k run app. I'm running farther this week...yay! This app is working cause it is doable. Remember, starting point was couch potato. I'm starting weights tomorrow. A friend has hooked me up with a DVD on what to do for arms, abs and butt/thighs. I think I might stick to this new routine, what a surprise!

This was post-run. I've edited myself out because I look like a rat. Duke was more than ready for his bath.

He jumped right in!

Jack is back at drawing. I'm so glad. He loves art. This is new for me as my older son never drew this much. We (and the grandparents) have equipped him with an Art Cabinet of goodies for sketching, drawing, coloring, painting. I framed one of his paintings and gave it to my parents this past Christmas.

He spends hours on these. I love it, especially because the TV is off.

Mitch seems to be having a stressful week at college:

Wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Wow, Jack is a great artist! Way to go on your running app! I'm doing week 2 day 1 tomorrow!

  2. Love your Churn Dash blocks! I'm making a similar quilt in orange and pink!

  3. Your churn dash blocks look great, your Bees will love them!

  4. Those churn dash blocks are great--what is that aqua fabric? And Mitch looks like he's about to crack from all the stress--I'd be a little worried about him...