Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seattle Sites!

(Jack took this one)

Over the winter break we HAD to do a day in Seattle with my parents. Seriously, who wouldn't want to see Pike's Place Market and the Space Needle? We had clam chowder in the market at a restaurant on Post Ave. Yummy, award winning chowder that we first discovered on the Seattle Bites food tour two summers ago. My Dad got the coolest driver's hat at the market - he looked very PNW if you ask me! We did lots of walking and booth browsing, which Mom and I loved, and Jack tolerated kindly. My Dad and my oldest son, Mitch, enjoyed sampling teas at this shop. Then up in the Space Needle we went for some breathtaking views of Seattle. It was another "first" for my Dad. By the end of the day we were all exhausted.

In fabric news, I found this brown fabric in the red dot sale section of JoAnn's. $3 a yard! I'll use it to border and back my Value Dance quilt top. Ill throw some solid white and solid red thin border in, first. Here it is:

I was at JoAnn's to return my new Darning/embroidery foot for FMQ. It didn't work on my hoo. I ordered this one instead. I can't wait to receive it!

I'm doing the last of Mitch's laundry before he heads back to Salem, OR to college tomorrow. A new semester of classes begin Monday and he is excited to take them. One of them is a Politics class on "How to run a successful campaign." It would seem politics are in his future!

Kris ... And Duke..with his stock pile o' treats. He went around the house collecting them to snooze by them!!


  1. Sound and looks like an awesome day out x

  2. Always fun to be a tourist in your own area and how fun to share that time with family!