Monday, January 28, 2013

Xplusalong is happening!

I woke up early this morning at 5am, feeling rested. This change in eating and the 5k runner app has me full of energy. Jack went with me Saturday - so fun. He was usually about 6 yards ahead of me yelling over his shoulder for me to keep going. :-) Today,on a brisk walk with Duke, I snapped the harbor picture above. I just love a gray day.

Got right on my blocks this morning! Yesterday was cutting day. I followed my color diagram and cut away. If you want to join in the fun, the tutorial is here.. There is also a lot of people using the hashtag #xplusalong on instagram.

In the cutting photo of fabrics there is an Ihome in the middle. I love that thing! I plug my IPhone into it and turn on Pandora to the Adele Radio, my current favorite, and my crappy iPhone speaker turns into this beautiful stereo music! It's battery operated, too. Mitch found it when we were Christmas shopping together and said, "Mom this is what you need." It was only $20 at Penny's. Really, go get one if you are listening to music from your phone on your phone's speaker. Pandora is a free app if you don't mind an occasional advertisement.

I am enjoying watching Jack draw so much. We made a special trip for Sharpie markers. They don't bleed as much as the crayola markers do (into other colors), he said. By golly he's right!

I am still shocked over Downton Abbey last night....



  1. Loving your xplus blocks - they look huge!

  2. Beautiful harbor photo! I'm also still in shock over Downton. Waaah!