Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sewing paralysis

My sweet friend Krista of kristastitched
had a birthday recently. As I was putting together a fun bag of fabrics for her I came across this cupcake potholder pattern given to me by my MIL. HAD to make it! That was early last week.

Since then I've been in sort of a state of sewing paralysis. I have lots of plans, lots of stacks, and a full WIP board. I did manage to make a color map for my xplusalong block layout and the fabrics are ready to be cut. I also really want to make that heart block above that I spotted on Instagram. Isn't that quilt beautiful?

Duke had a good brushing the other day. He started off standing, then sat down, the laid down and closed his eyes while I brushed. It's like a human getting a body massage, I think. He loved it.

Jack is now getting orders for his Looney Tunes artwork. He made one for his teacher, then several students asked for one, along with his bus driver, and a 2nd grader who rides his bus. As he was drawing he said to me, "I love seeing the smile on someone's face when I give them my art." Oh how I do love this boy.

Kris and Duke <3 (love him, too :) )


  1. Sometimes it is fun to just get prepared and do the other stuff xxx

  2. <3 Jack <3 I haven't sewn anything since finishing my skirt last week!

  3. How sweet your son is!! His creativity came from his Mama! <3 Love the cupcake pot holder. So adorable!! -And Duke looks like such a mellow boy! (Unlike my spastic 7 month old rescue pup Romeo. *sigh* Someday, maybe he will be mellow like Duke?)