Friday, December 23, 2011

Edward Cullen...oh yeah!

So guess what movie I saw last night?

Yes!  Finally!  Breaking Dawn.....

I was out doing a little last shopping with my gal-pal, Sheila, hitting our usual fav spots: JoAnn, Target and TJMax.  Oh yes, all three in one night!  But why should the fun stop there?  We decided to go crazy and see a 10:20 showing of a movie.  Living on the wild side we were!  We are part of a book club that happens to be Twilight fans.  Our group was first in line for the last movie.  We've calmed down a bit since then and well, almost missed seeing this one in theaters.  Edward did not disappoint!  :) 

Picked up some last minute gifts for myself at JoAnn last night!  Oh just some little stocking stuffers.  Do you stuff your own stocking, too?  I am the official stocking stuffer for all of us at our house.  What would the kids say if mine was empty?  No will have some great quilting gadgets in it.  I can hardly wait!  Thanks to Santa, I'll be hand quilting my Chasing Chevrons quilt with some new size 8 thread that comes in a ball.  No separating strands and repeatedly knotting and starting them?  Yes!  I'm excited.  I'll also be trying spray basting for the first time, using my new Dritz basting spray from Santa. 

All of our family presents are wrapped and under the tree!  Duke opened his present from his Texas Grandma early:

He loved the thoughtfulness, but asked me to kindly relay to her that he is more of a bone chewer than a toy chaser.  He did give it the royal sniff over and claimed it as his own, laying next to it on the floor with his nose resting on it.

Signing off now to listen to my son on the radio! Mitch and his friend, Cody have a show every Friday from 4p-6p and it streams live on ......I'm their #1 fan!


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