Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Dog Treats and the Chevron Saga Continues...

Found a recipe on line for dog treats and thought it would be fun to make them for Duke!

They sounded just like what he likes - peanut butter flavored!  Usually he gets the milk bone big box from Costco but on special occasions, I surprise him with the peanut butter flavored box from Trader Joe's.  Either way, he's always  happy to get his cookies!

Until now, that is!  He politely said, "no thank you," when I offered up this tree!  I tried putting one in his doggy bed and another in his food bowl.  But no!  The next day they were both where I left them.  So, I have the most adorable dog treats all ready to go for Christmas presents! Here's hoping there's a dog out there that will like them. 

So if you remember, this is where I left off with my Chasing Chevrons quilt top.  I decided that since I had messed up a few of the blocks and left them out, this looked a little sparse, so I made more blocks.  I was ready to lay out the quilt top again, and decided that rather than follow the pattern that Jennifer had made, I would randomly lay the blocks out and see how it looked.  I also decided to group the colors together more.

This is what I got:

Too much chaos! I just felt there was no flow.  It was too hectic.  Nope, yuck, don't like...
So I picked up all of the blocks and made little stacks of them, by color.  Then I printed Jennifer's pattern
which you can find here.  I gave it to my 10 year old, Jack, and asked him to call off the boxes with the direction the chevron was pointing or "gray" which was a "no chevron" block.  Then I randomly chose from the piles and placed them in rows as he called them out.  Here is what we got!

Much better!  More order here and the balance of the colors being spread out throughout is much more appealing to me.   Here is the same layout from the side:

The pattern is basically Jennifer's with a few extra chevrons thrown in.  Have I over thought this?
Probably!  But I am a Libra, so I can't help it.

Jack deserved an outing to a skate park after all the help he gave me, don't ya' think? ;)
Here he is skating a bowl at a new park in Tacoma.  He loved it!

I've got some stacks to sew into rows next.  It's at that point that I usually stop and start a new project before completing the one I am doing.  So if I can make it from rows to quilt top - it will be quite an accomplishment!  I have the backing fabric ready to go, too.  Am thinking of doing some hand quilting on this one, not completely sure yet. 

The countdown to Christmas begins!  Four days until Duke opens his presents.  Oh you better believe there are packages under that tree with his name on them!


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  1. Hi Kris!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to check it out, and leaving such a sweet comment!

    I love your blog, and Duke is adorable! We just lost our Libby (almost 10 yr old golden) while Mr. W was deployed. We are taking a little break before getting another, but there's a part of me that wants to put a cute puppy with a fluffy belly under the tree for Christmas! Ohh I love me some puppy bellies!

    Hope you and your family enjoy the holidays! I will be following you and your upcoming posts!