Thursday, December 1, 2011

Did you spill it on the quilt?

The kids are crazy over the carbonated drinks called, "Ice".  After hearing, "we never have anything good to drink in the house" recently, I picked up a 24 pack at Costco of the Ice drinks.  Drinks in the family room are usually no problem since bottled water doesn't do any harm.....but red colored Ice drink?  With quilts on the couches and stools?  OMG!  First I hear the scream, "Oh no, it exploded!" - then I look over from the kitchen to see red dots behind the boy running into the kitchen. Of course the first thing I say is, "Did you spill it on the quilt?"  Never mind the carpet, the furniture or the white t-shirt he was wearing, my mind goes right to the quilt!  Thank goodness, the answer was no.  The quilt/s were all red-spot-free. 

Meanwhile back in the kitchen, my teenager was busy at work making heart shaped pancakes for his girlfriend.  Are these not the sweetest thing?!  I'll say it again, Senior year, please slow down.  The big news is he hit "submit" on the first college on-line application last night.  It was a big moment!  I jumped up and down for him, mainly because he finally had the courage to hit submit after reading and re-reading it for two days. 

And speaking of reaching a "finish line" - I wonder if I will actually finish this quilt?  It is my 4th quilt that is an incomplete quilt-top.  Since this one is an on-line quilt along found here I am making a real effort to stick with it all the way through to that last stitch of binding.  Can she do it?  I think I can, I think I can! 

Although a little snuggle time with Sir Duke on the couch sounds really nice, too!

Back to my sewing machine!

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