Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Chasing those Chevrons

It was a Chasing Chevrons kind of afternoon..

I read in Anna Maria Horner's sewing book that when making a quilt, you should find that you are almost spending as much time ironing as you are sewing.  Today I can say that was true!  Six more rows to go.

Did you know the Kindle can read the book to you?  I'm thinking of trying that while I sew.  Though the voice sounds a bit computerized - not like the normal sounding voices the characters have in my mind. 
I downloaded a free book and it's fairly good!  "Hostile Witness" - by Rebecca Forstar 
What are you reading?



  1. Your chevrons are looking fantastic!! And I still like how they all seem to meander their own direction. And cool... I just got a kindle (for christmas) and am a reading hound right now... poor ignored sewing machine. I am finishing the 4th book in the game of thrones series, but can tell I will be reading a lot more this year. How's the Hostile Witness?

  2. I got my kindle for Christmas, too! I will have to check out that series. I like Hostile Witness enough to keep reading, but I think the book could have used more editing. I've come across two grammatical errors (which always bothers me) and the story line just keeps twisting and turning in a long drawn out kind of way. Have you read the Hunger Games? I'm gonna add books to my blog this year. :)