Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lights, Music, Christmas Ship!

Last night the Argosy Christmas Ship sailed over from Tacoma to our harbor town, as it does every Christmas season.  We love it! 

The Gig Harbor High School choir treated us to a nice surprise - some Christmas caroling at out house.  Then we all walked down to the park for more singing entertainment followed by the arrival of the Christmas ship to our public dock.

This year live music by a local college choir on the ship, filled our harbor.  Oh what a night!  I just love this night of the year.  My ten year old and I stood at the end of the dock with Duke, clapping and waving to the singers.  When it was over, we walked back up the dock past all of the docked boats adorned with Christmas lights that they had turned on for the event.  Magical I tell you!  Duke enjoyed sniffing all of the other people but thought the music was a little loud. 

I really hope Santa brings me the Iphone 4 since it has a built in flash and my Iphone 3 doesn't. But you get the idea of how sweet Duke looked in his red scarf sitting nicely for his picture in front of the ship.

I'm back to making more chevron blocks for the Chasing Chevrons quilt.  In my last post you can see how it is looking.  Not colorful enough, right?  Yes that is what I thought, too.  At first I wasn't sure about the randomness of the pattern, but after looking at it a day later, I definetly like random! 

Here is a glimpse of all of the Chasing Chevron Quilts in progress:


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