Friday, November 9, 2012

A fun swap with Krista Stitched

Hello and happy Friday! This was the week that Krista and I exchanged our swap gifts...what fun! Krista blogs at KristaStitched and she is also an IG friend. We decided to do a swap of a zipper pouch, pin cushion, and scraps.

This is what I came up with for Krista. She loves EPP so I made a roomy pouch using the open mouth pouch pattern from Noodle-head.

The pin cushion is a free pattern on Anna Maria Horner's blog found here.. The pattern is missing a few diagrams on this site when you view it on your computer or iPad, but if you view it on your smart phone, you see them!

Notice I cut out the pieces for two? One for me and one for Krista!

I added some scraps and a few other little goodies and off it went!

And then .... In the mail came this!

She made the cutest pouch! And look at those little granny squares in that pin cushion. My son, Jack, who is 11, saw what Krista made and said, "she sews better than you!". Ah yes, kids can be so encouraging! He's been grounded from food and water for a week....ok im kidding.... but seriously, the pouch technique is amazing. Jack is so right! You can find the details on Krista's blog today (whoops...yesterday..I totally missed it), of how she made the pouch. I just love it and I can't wait to dig into those scraps. Krista is thinking about starting a Flickr swap with these same items. Are you in? Go comment on her blog if you are interested.

I'm in!


And jack..... And duke!


  1. YAY! i'm so glad we have matching pin cushions!!! Jack is silly, you've got mad EPP skills, I'm so in love with my pouch. thank you so MUCH!!!

  2. Kris! Your pouch is fabulous!! And so is your pincushion! What a great swap.

  3. Love it all!! Gorgeous pouch...must make one soon!!

  4. Aw, so great! Krista is pretty awesome. :)