Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Fabric Tuesday!

Happy fabric Tuesday! I'm linking up with a finish! Well it's a finished step in the quilt making process...

I finished the quilt back for the dizzy diamonds quilt. Hurray! I must be the slowest quilt maker ever. Cutting the strips, piecing longer strips, sewing in pairs, squaring up, all the pressing in between - but I do love it!

Then to top off my week, I've discovered "Homeland"! Do you watch it? I am hooked. What a great show! I am watching it On Demand to catch up with Season 1. You must check it out!



  1. Liked Damien Lewis in Band of Brothers, Life and will have to wait until the set comes out! LOL

    Your quilt is just breathtaking! I really think the colors you've chosen are gorgeous!


  2. Great quilt and LOVE Homeland, although Damien Lewis's American accent always makes me laugh x

  3. Gorgoeus colours! I saw the first episode of Homeland on a plane coming back from Copenhagen and thought it was great! I wonder if the first season is on DVD now? Thanks for reminding me about it!

  4. beeeeuuuutiful! lovely colors, as always :D

  5. That's a great great great back. Love all the bright happy colors.

  6. I just love your quilt back! You did a wonderful job with the colors and the pattern too!

    Jennifer :)