Saturday, November 24, 2012

Making gifts

Happy Fabric Tuesday! I have been busy making potential Christmas gifts lately. I say potential because no one is as critical of my work as I am. Sometimes I make something and think to myself, "it's ok but next time it will be perfect," and because I see a flaw, I think I should keep it (or give it to my Mom - someone I know could care less about perfection and will love it no matter what!)

This pouch did come out as I'd hoped...hurray! As with anything, the more times I make a zipper, lined pouch, the better they are getting. The zipper is fairly darn close to both ends of the top without having the dreaded folded-in corners. I'm sure most non sew'ers have no idea what that is. I used the scrappy make up pouch tutorial from Noodlehead.

Then there's this pouch with my lovely fabric from deb!. Still practicing my circular, organic quilting. I didn't draw any line first, just went for it. Do I dare try this on a my Dizzy Diamonds quilt? I have it all basted and ready to quilt!

My second braided rug is coming along! Remember the first braided rug I made last summer?. I'm at it again, making this one a bit more colorful. It's the perfect project for evening TV time watching. Did you see Dancing With the Stars last night? I really hope Melissa or Shawn win.

And now for some "favorites" I've come across lately. I realize Flickr has a folder for this, but I like to take a screen shot of things I want to try and have it in my photo stream. It seems quicker to access. You will see the URL across the top of these photos, giving credit to the artist who designed them. Love this quilt by Katie.

And these scrappy squares by Rachel.

And isn't this great?
I'm off to make more zipper pouches with my $.25 zippers from Fabric Depot!



  1. how weird, that it's posted in a weird spot! blogger must have a cold or something. anyhoo, you rock. love all of it. your stuff is fantastic, don't worry about the teensy imperfections, no one else notices!! those are what make handmade things so wonderful, anyways. :D

    1. Thanks Krista! You are always cheering me along. :-D I saw your feature on Quilt Story today...yay!

  2. Love your zipper pouches!! I need to make some with teeny quilt blocks on them...mine are always with a ruffle added :o) your doggie is a doll! I love his bow tie, too!