Sunday, November 11, 2012

Runner Up

I didn't win Deb's recent fabric give away but it turns out I scored big time as her designated runner-up.

Can you believe she sent me all of this AMH fabric? I think it was so generous of her. I was completely floored by her kindness. I started looking through it and found myself stacking it one way, then moving it around to give all of the fabric a chance to shine. Isn't it fun to play with fabric stacks?

deb's blog is one of my favorites. She is really talented and has a great assistant, Mr. White Socks. He's been known to turn on ceiling fans when she lays her fabrics out on the dining room table though. Thanks again Deb for making my day.

Deb's package arrived the same day that I learned of the death of a dear friend of our family. Kyle was an instructor for our skate camps and an employee at our skate shop. He was more than an employee, he was our friend. Kyle would take my youngest, Jack, to out of town skateparks and then swimming at Kyle's house. Kids loved Kyle and so did adults. He was a kind, thoughtful, fun loving guy. He had recently taken up scuba diving and passed away while out on a dive. Our local skate community is mourning the loss of someone who was truly a friend to all.

Fabric = therapy. Sewing allows me to escape in my thoughts while occupying my mind and body. It allows me to feel joy when what I really feel is complete sadness over the loss of a friend. I've been sewing a lot this weekend, and looking through pictures.


  1. That's sad news, but to be remembered as 'someone wonderful' is all we can ask.

    You are so right about Deb x

  2. I'm so sorry. What a very horrible loss for both his friends and family. I've sewn away during a few tragic times and the distraction is welcome. I'm happy the fabric was timed just right. Mr. White Socks will be so pleased that you mentioned him.

  3. What dreadful news - you must all be so shocked and upset. He sounds like a wonderful person who will forever be remembered.

    Deb (and Mr White Socks) are absolute treasures!

  4. oh my gosh, Kris! so sorry to hear about Kyle. I feel awful we've been emailing back and forth and I had no idea! that's pretty cool what you're doing with the boards, though. hope the fabric took you to your happy place during such a rough time.