Monday, November 19, 2012

Stockings again

I had a craft night with my BFF, Sheila, and finished Jack's stocking "front"! I took no short cuts with the patchwork. I literally cut and sewed it block by block. I wasn't in a hurry so that was ok. We watched The Color Purple and crafted for 3 hours.

We are also talking about doing a craft fair together on December 6. It would be fun to do with a friend, don't you think ? She is making jewelry. Some of her beads are made from paper like the beads in the picture below.

I'd better get to it if I want to have things ready. I'll also be working on dog bow ties like the ones I've been posting on IG. Duke loves them! I'm sure there will be a post on that this week. I have such a patient, sweet dog-son!

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  1. The stocking looks good so far! Good luck with the craft fair!

  2. Your stockings are great! Do I spy a little AMH in one of them? Cindy and I are determined to get together to sew after Thanksgiving!

  3. hey, neat stuff!! the craft fair sounds like fun, good luck! i'm sure your friend's awesome beaded jewelry and your super cool bowties will both sell like hot cakes!

  4. What a fun stockings! I love how scrappy and fun it looks! Getting the stocking is fun enough let alone to find some things inside too!