Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fabric Baskets

It's been a low key, relaxing holiday with my family. Mitch is home from college and it's been so nice to have him around. He and I did some late night Homeland watching ~ I think I've got him hooked!

I took a little sewing and IG/blog break but now I'm back sewing for the upcoming craft fair. Thanks to a great tutorial from Film in the Fridge, I made a set of fabric baskets today. I love them!

I made Mitch a belated birthday cake and thought I'd share the recipe. It is So simple, everyone must try this!

One box mix of angel food cake mix. One reg sized can of crushed pineapple. That's it! Don't add the egg or oil. Don't drain the can. I baked it in my bunt pan. Then I mixed up a quick thin icing to drizzle over it. I even got "all fancy" and made an "M" on the plate. :-D. The icing has butter, powdered sugar, milk and a little cream cheese. I added "tardis blue" sprinkles on top.

Duke is still in his bow tie. It's held up well, and he has received many compliments on it. Time to make a red and green one, I'd say!