Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The heat is on...

I found out last night that the craft show I am doing with my BFF, Sheila, is this weekend and not next weekend! I am sewing like a mad woman. Here are a few finishes from today. I know that I should "keep it simple" when designing things to make more of them but I just can't! So I'll complicate it all and be happier. It's a small craft fair but I look at it as a great motivation to get things done and finish up all of my half started things! Some of it is already selling to friends on Facebook. In fact, I've already made back the cost of the table at the show. :-)

The kitchen is a wreck...



  1. I have seen bits and pieces of your house from your postings and I have to say I love your use of color! Love that yellow table and walls!! ;)

  2. Particularmente amo pequenas feiras, as vendas são ótimas.Boa Sorte!

  3. Panic! Thread must be flying like crazy around your place! Things are looking great though! Have fun!

  4. Oh I so hear you!! Stop blogging and get on with it and keep it simple!!

  5. I always have the same struggle with keeping it simple! It's so much more fun to constantly change things up and do something a little differently, but that does eat up a lot of time. Have fun at the craft show!