Monday, May 21, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

This is my first time to join the Bloggers' Quilt Festival! 

If "dog bed" was a  category, you can bet I would have entered this:

But I didn't see a category for dog beds!!  Oh darn!! 

So after careful consideration - I am entering my "Love in a Box" quilt!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the quilt with the sun
 coming through the window and Duke posing in front of it. 

What is Love in a Box?
The quilt was my gift to a High School friend, Laurie, that kicked off a "Love in a Box" swap.  Laurie's idea was to have a monthly care package exchange. (The idea being, it's fun to get something in the mail that shows someone you care - just because!)  A bunch of us signed up (all friends of Laurie's) and now each month we send "Love in a Box" and we also receive "Love in a Box" from someone else!  

For the first month - my person to send "to" was Laurie and I wanted to do something extra nice for her since this was all her idea.  The rules say to spend no more than 10-12 dollars.  I used my stash fabric and made her this quilt.  Okay I fudged the cost but I justified it since it was for Laurie, the leader of the swap! Laurie wrote up the rules, assigned names, and created a private Face Book page where we all communicate with each other. 

Since I was under a deadline, I actually FINISHED this quilt.  I am great at making quilt TOPS but not so good at completing them.  I was thrilled to finish one! You can read the original post here.

My favorite  part was the color plotting and piecing of this quilt.  I just love the vibrant colors.  I added lots of reds and pinks since it was a February Love in a Box gift.

As you can see, Duke was a big help!

Duke is showing me where to cut the batting...

Laurie is a kindergarten teacher so I used some bus fabric
 (above bottom right corner) as a shout out to Laurie!

In keeping with the "Love in a Box" theme, I quilted some
zig zag stitches around some of the boxes, randomly.  It's also straight line quilted.

Duke tested the quilt, of course!

And now I present, my quilt photographer assistant!! 
My teenager, just up from a nap, -look at that hair!- holding up the quilt for pictures!

What I received in February.

What I sent in March to a Cubs fan.

What I sent in April

What I received in March
I received beautiful frames in April (can't find the picture! ugh!)

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to go check out more blogs in the festival!

I'm off to work on a pillow for my June "Love in a Box"!



  1. It's lovely to see this quilt again and Duke looks like such a good assistant!!

  2. That is so beautiful quilt! I love those bright colours and the pattern is great! Duke's bed is also really wonderful! x Teje

  3. I love the sort of stained glass effect it has up against the window light. It is beautiful.

  4. I bet your friend Laurie loved it!
    I love it when you can make a "free" quilt by using just fabrics from the stash.

  5. Beautiful quilt! Your friend must have been thrilled! Give Dukie a little scratch from me for being such a great helper :)

  6. That's really pretty! I love how you "bent" the rules... :-)

  7. What a stunning quilt - sounds like a fun swap!

  8. Beautiful quilt, Kris! I love the stained glass effect with the sun shining through!

  9. What a cutie that Duke is. Love the quilt too. Very vibrant and fun!

  10. I just adore your quilt. :) And I kinda wish dog bed WAS a category - that is too cute! Your dog and the dog bed.

  11. Beautiful!! I love the quilt and love any picture of a dog wrapped up in a quilt too! Striking!!

  12. Love your Love in a Box. Such bright beautiful colours!

  13. Lovely bright colours and so beautifully coordinating:))

  14. I love the colors and how you designed them.

  15. Love the tonal quality of this quilt! so very nice~

  16. I love the pattern! The quilt looks really nice, I can see your doggy loves it too! :)