Thursday, May 31, 2012

S is for Sampson

My friend received her pillow for the May Love in a Box swap. I included a scarf I made for her dog, Sampson, to match the pillow. Yes, that "cape" you saw on Duke was really a surprise for Sampson. Here are both in their new home!

I've been working on another gift, here's a peek. Just need to bind it.

Duke has been enjoying nap time with me as I try to rest my pinched nerve. It still burns. My husband is kind of "over it" so I'm doing my best to act normal, keeping my sudden screams to a minimum! It's like an electric shock to the chest!

Ok, done talking about it....

Did I mention the day before this pain started my teenage son got gasoline in his eyes and I rushed him to the hospital for care? He is fine now but what a scare that was. I'll add a picture here to give you an idea. His high school graduation is just around the corner and as class President he will speak at the ceremony. Exciting times!



  1. How did he get petrol in his eyes? Sounds awful...

    Samson is a cutie, as is the (?) Lhasa/Shih tzu...(not good at identifying small fluffy dogs!)

    I hope you feel better soon - I'd be making a huge fuss and ensuring everyone knew how much it hurts!!

    1. He opened the gasoline can for the lawn mower and gas shot out into his face (eyes, cheeks, mouth). Said he plans to wear glasses when mowing from now on!

  2. That is one shocker pic of the eye wash!!!
    Hope all is good for you all soon xxx