Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's "in the mail" Mom!

Happy to report I finished sewing the binding on Mom's placemats while at the skate park yesterday. I ironed the binding after machine sewing it on the front and it helped it lie very nice and neat. I made them in Mom's home decor colors. Yay something finished!

We had Mother's Day dinner on the front porch. My older son grilled sirloin burgers. It was our first time to dine on the front porch and we loved it!

I've been waiting to debut Jack's newest form of art. You may remember his grip tape wallets and colorful quilt patterns. He's taken up sketching! Here are some of my favorites from his sketch book.

Happy Fabric Tuesday! I'm linking up over at Quilt Story.

Kris (with a pic of Duke smiling!)


  1. Very kind of you to make these for your mom. Great work!

  2. Very nice place mat for your mom. I found you on Quilt Story.

  3. The art is brilliant, I especially love the eye!! The place mats are gorgeous!

  4. Lots of artists in your family! Lovely placemats! Pretty flowers in your yard!