Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hereeeee's Duke and his new bed!

Exciting news!  Duke will be featured tomorrow over at

Duke is pictured here on his new dog bed.  What started as a simple "rug" for laying on while enjoying the porch view turned into a full bed for the Dukester!  I think he loves it!  I originally thought of making a quilt with these strips like the one on the cover of  Amanda Jean's book, Sunday Morning Quilts.  This book is full of inspiration for what you can do with your scraps.

I cut these strips from my scraps while sitting on the front porch bench with Duke and my husband on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

 Oh how we love the view!
Then I arranged my scraps into rows and trimmed them up into equal lengths.

I made a quilt top and quilted it to heavy felt to help it keep it's shape on the bed.

At this point I thought Duke should try it out to see if the size seemed about right.  Yep, looks good!

I found a tutorial on Amanda Jean's blog that showed me how to attach
 the sides to make a cube-like shape.

Isn't this fun?  A mini-bed!  I stuffed it so that it had an
 extra head rest for my pillow loving dog.

Now Duke needed a scarf to match!

He's such a patient model!  Yes, a "candy coated" patterned scarf to match his bed. :) 

Living up to our blog name, Duke could really care less about the bed - he's back on the couch!

My guy

Seriously, have you ever visited a blog where the dog treat talked?!

I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story - you can find their button in my sidebar.

Kris and Duke

Senior Class Nerf War Update:  Mitch's team is still alive!


  1. That is just too adorable!! Beautiful bed for Duke :)

  2. It turned out so great! I love the matching scarf, too. What a nice touch. :)

  3. So cute! But I can't let Prudence and Matt see or they will want their own!

  4. Duke looks so happy on his new bed and matching scarf. Stopping by from Quilt Story's linky party.

    here is what I shared this week: http://craftybrooklynarmywife.blogspot.ca/2012/04/another-coat-for-holly.html

  5. Duke, you are look like quite a handsome fella on that bed!! And a built in head rest... fancy! I keep meaning to have you explain the nerf wars too. I don't remember that from highschool.