Sunday, May 27, 2012


Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. I had a good time reading your captions for Duke, modeling the S scarf. Random generator has spoken and the winner is Fern who said:

fernMay 25, 2012 4:52 PM
"Really Mom? Do I have to where the quilted super hero cape again?" -duke (by the way, Duke is ADORABLE!!!)

Fern I will be emailing you for your address!

We've had beautiful weather, sunny and 70, so not much sewing going on. Yesterday was the Gig Harbor Street Scramble, the largest urban orienteering event in the US. It was lots of fun. Registration is free, free tshirts for the first 200 that enter. We met up at the downtown park and maps with numbered locations were passed out to all. We then had equal time to plan our route and at 10:00 am the fire engines sounded and everyone took off. My son and his friend entered as team "Dos" and skateboarded their way around town. Duke and I were left in the dust, but duke did enjoy meeting as many dogs as he could with his royal sniff over (this can be embarrassing), and he was sporting his "candy coated pattern" scarf. :-) The end result was two happy boys who raced to the finish line 90 seconds late (15 point deduction) and tied for 2nd in their age group/category!

I really do love our harbor town.

Congratulations again to Fern! I will mail your loot off this week!



  1. Poor Duke! So tired from playing.

  2. Congrats to your son and his friend! This scramble thing sounds fun!! And thank you!!! I'm SO excited to have won such cute fabrics! I am definitely going to follow your blog in my google reader if there are more photos of your adorable Duke! :-)

  3. I think I would love your harbor town, too! Congrats to all!