Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prism Patchwork (PP)

Is it appropriate to call it the PP Quilt? I think not as it is going to be such a beautiful quilt I don't want it to sound unappealing!!

I have my pattern pieces all cut out and traced onto cereal box pieces. Now I'm penciling around them on to wax paper. Decided to try this method for cutting my fabric.

Here I was cutting up wax paper at the skate park! Now I'm blogging at batting practice. Yep it's the 10 year old that can't sit still that I'm chauffeuring around town.

I did some fabric planning earlier today for the prism shapes and this is my rainbow all out on the table. I'm excited to see it all come together!

Also had to add some pics of Duke. He kept going outside and digging up his treats in reserve, bringing the dirty things in the living room, and chowing down! It was 4pm snack time and the guy was hungry after a run at the dog park. Love him!



  1. Não vejo a hora de ver pronto.Sou viciada nisso.Você vai adorar tenho certeza,faça todos os dia um pouco,monte,una,faça uma peça e tudo de novo,assim você não sente o que fez e principalmente quantos faltam.Eu faço hexágonos a mais de 10 anos todos os dias,já cheguei a ter 23.000 em estoque,2.800 flores,1000 borboletas,sem contar as estrelas...depois te conto.Um grande beijo.

  2. Vof Duke! I think you have too much wonderful fabrics there ... looks that you are doing somethin very exiting! We tried yesterday first time sparkling stars and they are so fun! Hugs from Nero

  3. Your Prism blocks are going to be stunning with that fabric!

  4. I can't wait to see more! Glad Duke found his reserve treats - there's no way Archie's last long enough for him to bury them!!

  5. This will be fantastic! I love the name PP quilt...but then I get a kick out of potty humor!!! Can't wait to see your progress :)

  6. That is some really nice looking fabric! I LOVE bright colors. I second that Mary, PP quilt sounds good to me. :) hehe
    PS Thanks for following me, it feels awkward starting a blog with nobody to read it :P