Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bust Yo Scraps!

Bust Yo Scraps Quilt-Along is starting this month and I love the pattern! 
I have a big basket of scraps, too. And there are give aways! 

Now check out the pattern:

I just might "go big" this time - - as in NOT a lap quilt.  Yep, living on the wild side!  ;-)

We are having some rain-free days so Duke and I went to the park where he quickly made a new friend!  He's such a social guy.  He's taken on the role of official park greeter.  I think the other dogs may be coming to him to see his fancy Hugh Hefner red velvet scarf.  It doesn't take long for Duke to start foaming at the mouth with excitement over the chasing and sniffing.  When WILL I remember to bring a rag?

We strolled down some beautiful trails.  It's nice to be able to let him roam off-leash.  I still remember the days of opening the front door and having him bolt down the street.  I'd hop in the car and get ahead of him, and he would chase the car around the block.  I clocked him at 25 mph. It was the only way to wear out the crazy pup!  Now he does not like to be anywhere where he can't see me.  Much better!

We tried for a nice pose here but he couldn't help but keep looking for friends.  "Anyone new arriving?  I have to keep an eye on the parking lot," he was saying.

"What about from that way?" I begged him to please look at  me for a nice photo, then he could go play.

He agreed saying, "Make this fast!"

Here he is off exploring, but looking back to make sure I'm still close.

We are off -  he is saying bye to his new friends.  Yes, Duke is a front seat rider. 
Would you expect anything else?  ;-)

He is King of the couch, too. 


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